Wednesday, September 8, 2010

this south-east Asuu strike

with the current strike embarke by lecturers of south-easterns state universities. i'm being deprived of some well needed happy hours cos with the university in session i still have an excuse to still be in the east (clearance). since my graduation (not yet complete till i go for service) from the university, i've been whiling away valuable time but just as i was about to get serious wit myself, the lecturers decide that its their turn to embark on forced leave (yes strike na forced leave) and now i'm stuck in my brothers house in the most back-water town in the whole of Naija with no where to go and no friends to chat with. the only plus is that i get to eat good home cooked meals (believe me when i say that his wife is a master chef) but the downer is that i miss my girlfriend much. hopefuly the basterds (french for bastards) will negotiate with asuu and i'll head back to school and get some good stuff (you already know what i'm talking about)

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