Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9ice: The story continues

In the space of a few hours, the Nigerian pop artist (Herein after referred to as Naijapop) 9ice has come under great criticism and has also been defended by bloggers and fans on www.360nobs.com. What are his crimes: Lack of creativity in his new music (According to the writer of the article).

I dear say that in the past year, that the above claim has been the case with Nigerian artist in general except a few who go the extra mile to make their music exceptional. The likes of Eldee, Mode9, Naeto C and even Dbanj (some people may disagree about dbanj, but i feel that for him to have even been nominated for a channel O award for a song like fall In love thats like 2 years old he's worth the mention.) just to name a few, have been in the media recently for just the right reasons. why then should an artist like 9ice be in the media for the wrong reasons? That is the question we should be asking ourselves. i believe that why 9ice is not making music that is up to par is because he lacks motivatio and he is not motivated because of his marital problems that are not so personal anymore. Try as much as we may, we cannot say that his problems have nothing to do with his music, but saying that would be wrong because an artist like 9ice talks about his everyday life on his music. So since he cannot vent about his wife like Eminem does the result becomes what the people are complaining about: sub-par music from a CLASS 1 act like him.

When may also have to consider that he may have changed his style of music for it to be able to appeal to a much wider audience and not just the youth, cos some tracks on his latest album TRADITION are leaning more to the type of songs played by older folks (Faji music according to my yoruba brothers). Which ever way he is leaning to he should not forget that he came to the limelight on the shoulders of the streets with his gritty music which tell story of everyday street life. And abandoning the street at this point in time in his career would be a major mistake. In as much as he yearns for a wider audience he should be able to balance his music to be able to appeal to bothe the young and old.

The writer of the article on 360nobs.com sugested that he take some time of music to clean up his act, i'm of the opinion that he continue making his music but be more open minded and not limit himself to one category. We the fans should also know that our artist are also Human and tend to act like it, besides 9ice is not the only Nigerian artist to come under the public eye recently, remember Wande Coal of Mo-Hits and his Naked pictures, Ikechukwu and his label Changing antics and last but not least Sauce Kid aka Sinzu comparing himself with Nas. So lets not focus only on Mr Abolore.

Please note this article represents the views of the writer and comments should be kept clean and void of insults.