Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wikileaks'Cablegate Scandal and Nigeria

We awoke this morning being the 9th of December 2010 to the startling headline on very much all national dailies which read ''Shell Infiltrates Nigerian ministeries With Its Spies''. Such news should not come as a suprise to any person who garduated from a nigerian university or an undergraduate in the social sciences or humaties worth his or her salt. Shell Nigeria is a subcidiary of Royal Dutch Shell which is headquartered in The Hague, Netherlands and has its registered office at shell Place London. The company has been in exsistence since 1903 and therefore was an instrument of colonialism.

With the colonial era way behind us what is now inplace is Neocolonialism and Shell Nigeria is used to foster the principles and ideals of its parent company. Neocolonialism is a term used to describe the use of foreign corporations to foster the ideals and views of its parent nation on that of its host nation. So for Royal Dutch Shell to deny that they have spies in Nigerian ministeries would be a deviation of the norm, because since the end of the cold war the essence of collection of intelligence is no longer for military purposes alone but also for economic and technological advancement. And we all know that without the economic wherewithal no nation can progress technologically, so most nations now focus their intelligence gathering on information that may tip economic gains in ttheir favour.

like i said above, it should not come as a suprise to us that they have spies in our ministeries, the question that should be asked if wether they are alone or if other multinational corporation also have spies in relevant offices and if they do, how highly placed their sources are placed and how these elements have been in the pockets of these multinationals. All we can do now is watch and see what the Nigerian government would do to remedy such acts of espionage.

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